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Public Safety and Crime Prevention

The technology maps faces in a crowd and then compares them with a watch list of images, which can include suspects, missing people and persons of interest to the police. The cameras scan faces in large crowds in public places such as streets, shopping centres, sports and music events.

Our systems require human interaction and it’s up to the operator and the person on the ground to decide whether the person is a match or not. The person on the ground looking at the individual will make their own assessment and decide whether to intervene and speak to them.

Monitoring CCTV manually has the same “practical impact” on an individual as face recognition cameras. As far as individuals are concerned, there is no difference in principle to knowing you are on CCTV and somebody looking at it.


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Facial recognition cameras help to prevent crime and protect the general public.


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Facial recognition is evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control.