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The Thermal 360 imaging camera is ideal for use in busy, indoor environments such as offices, factories, train stations, schools, car showrooms, concert halls sports venues and airports.


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Facial recognition is evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control.


Thermal Image devices are not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness. This product is supplied as a first-line defence for organisations that wish to identify and check people’s temperature entering their buildings. It is down to the organisation to determine how that information is used, and the appropriate reaction to take.

Environment conditions - When used to detect body temperature it is important to find the best working environment. Thermal Imaging cameras are deigned to pick up hot heat sources and can give confusing results when a surface reflects heat from an adjacent source such as windows, mirrors, shiny materials, electrical item such as a mobile phone, PC, Monitor, electrical cable and other heat sources such as water pipes, radiators under-floor heating, and direct sunlight.

High skin-surface temperature is often an indicator of fever, a common symptom of illnesses. However, certain medications, drugs and alcohol can also raise a body temperature. So can non-infectious diseases like silicosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition, your body can heat up based on the surroundings such as the sun beating down on you. Also strenuous exercise can increase body heat.

Therefore thermal image screening can miss people who are infected and give false alarms for those how are not.

So why use thermal image scanners.

The purpose of the Thermal 360 is to measure the body temperature from a bit of a distance, avoiding the need off using an Infrared thermometer which is slow and impractical.

The Thermal 360 has been optimised for detecting an increase in skin-surface temperature. High skin-surface temperature is often an indicator of fever, a common symptom of illnesses.

The Thermal 360 is suitable for conducting preliminary body-temperature screening and should be used alongside other medical equipment to identify people who may be carrying a virus

When used in this capacity it may help to prevent the potential spread of an infection and also detect other non-virus related medical conditions.